Aviation liberalisation 2.0

Back in the 90s the European aviation industry was liberalised, coming from a purely national to a “European” system within a relatively short period of time.

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New business models, new safety risks

Pilots welcome new Practical Guide by EASA to mitigate safety hazards of atypical employment and New Business Models.

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Pilot sharing – The new kid on the ‘atypical employment’ block

The demise of regular direct aircrew jobs shows no signs of slowing down.

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Stronger together

Aviation workers sometimes face similar problems and sticking together is their best bet.

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Ryanair on a confrontation course, again

This will be the second summer of industrial unrest in a row for Ryanair and the underlying root causes seem similar, and familiar to those of last year: Ryanair’s inability to undertake genuine social dialogue with its employees.

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Before Boeing’s MAX return to service: we need answers and transparency

Regulators from across the globe has meet in Texas, to discuss a possible return to service of the grounded Boeing 737 MAX.

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Recruiting & assessing the pilots: Who does what?

The industry is ripe for a new approach to recruiting & assessing pilots.

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