Future Airline Pilot Profession

Today’s aviation shows a significant gap between the requirements for a pilot license – to safely fly the aircraft – and the actual real requirements and demands of the profession.

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License about to expire?

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, social distancing rules pose a significant challenge for pilots whose license or medical certificate is expiring soon.

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Bringing you back home during the pandemic

A special mission - In March, as borders started closing across the world, aviation followed with an almost instant grounding of passenger flights. Airlines were no longer able to plan and schedule flights, leaving European citizens stranded abroad.

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IFALPA forms COVID-19 Industrial Response Team

The International Federation of Air Line Pilots’ Associations has assembled a COVID-19 Industrial Response Team to provide expertise, resources, and guidance to manage the unfolding crisis.

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Enforcement of the applicable law to aircrew - ACP, ECA & EurECCA common views

The aviation sector is particularly exposed to non-compliance with applicable law and misapplication of EU legislation in general.

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A disease is stalking airlines, and it isn’t COVID-19…

A bit like the SARS2-CoV-2 virus it goes under many names, none of them especially catchy.

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COVID-19 took my dream AND my job away

Due to COVID19 not only did I end up with no job and no income, but it also put on hold a dream job I’ve been pursuing for so long.

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