COVID-19: Thousands of aircrew redundant

No rights for agency & self-employed pilots.

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Out of the COVID crisis: Pilots’ flight plan for Europe

There are many paths our industry can take through the COVID-19 crisis, which has profoundly affected, if not crippled, European aviation.

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COVID-19 Safety Aspects

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic it may be difficult for flight crews to find relevant information for their specific task. This leaflet is an attempt to address this issue by collecting official guidance in a single paper.

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Hur flygbolag utnyttjar krisen orsakad av Covid-19

Flygbolag runt hela världen kämpar för sin överlevnad i sviterna av Covid-19-krisen.

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Amidst a pandemic: an epidemic of anxiety

A combination of isolation, job insecurity and a potential health risk makes the current COVID-19 crisis also a threat to our mental well-being.

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License about to expire?

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak, social distancing rules pose a significant challenge for pilots whose license or medical certificate is expiring soon.

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COVID-19 crisis and its effect on aviation mental health

Joint statement by the European Pilot Peer Support Initiative (EPPSI) and their founding organisations.

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