Trafikverket upphandlar nya trafikavtal sedan Nextjet ansökt om konkurs

Svensk Pilotförening (SPF) beklagar konkursen och riktar våra djupaste sympatier till alla anställda som nu förlorar sin försörjning samt alla drabbade passagerare.

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Exporting EU Aviation Business & Jobs

EU to Liberalise 3rd country ‘Wet-leasing’.

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Everybody loves Ireland: race to the bottom

Control the costs - The Scandinavian airline SAS was quick to offer public justification already in January 2017 as to why it would be setting up a subsidiary in Ireland.

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Cyber threat to civil aviation

The global aviation system and its critical elements are a potential target for cyber-attacks.

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Random testing & Peer Support Programmes by 2020

Random alcohol testing of air crews is coming to Europe. The introduction of this new rule – once approved by the European Parliament – will happen no later than 2020.

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Cheap tricks

In the past years, the industry couldn’t care less about young pilots entering the profession.

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Pilot community calls for independent review of Irish safety oversight

Read the press release regarding Rescue 116 CHC Sikorsky S-92 accident investigation.

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