Random testing & Peer Support Programmes by 2020

Random alcohol testing of air crews is coming to Europe. The introduction of this new rule – once approved by the European Parliament – will happen no later than 2020.

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Stronger together

Aviation workers sometimes face similar problems and sticking together is their best bet when confronting government or employer.

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Pilot shortage in Europe: Fact or fiction?

If you asked any European pilot if there is currently a pilot shortage, most of them would probably laugh.

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Cyber threat to civil aviation

The global aviation system and its critical elements are a potential target for cyber-attacks.

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Don’t text and drive. Fly and text!

One of the biggest constraints in air traffic control today is the saturation of voice communication channels.

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When wet-leasing undermines collective rights

The European Cockpit Association (ECA) has voiced its concern about the lease by British Airways (BA) of aircraft and crew from Qatar Airways.

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Different, but still the same

Drone, airline and helicopter pilots identify common challenges.

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