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We conclude that the introduction of Remote Aerodrome ATS, RAATS, is a fundamental change to the functional system.

The concept is dependent on new technical installations and an uninterrupted transfer of data between the airport and a Remote Tower.

Remote Tower Centres (RTC) are established to facilitate control of several airports from that location.

Multiple mode of operation means provision of ATS from one Air Traffic Controller for two or more airports simultaneously.

• We accept the development of RTS subject to a number of conditions:

Adapted rules are established to cater for safety, security, operational effectivity and sound economic conditions.

We do not accept flightplanning with Destination Alternate serviced from the same RTC as the Destination, unless adequate contingency procedures for a full RTC failure are established.

We do not support the implementation of multiple mode of operation until human factors, and operational and technical implications, have been thoroughly researched.

AIP should include information relevant to airspace users:

• Indication that RAATS is provided, including mode of operation.
• Interdependence with other airports if serviced by an RTC.
• Contingency and degraded mode procedures.
• Management of navigation aids and lighting installations.
• Specific communication methods in case of multiple mode of operation.
• Location of the signalling lamp.

We see possible benefits with RAATS, mainly for small rural airports and as contingency towers as backup for existing control towers.

Publicerad 2020-02-07 av SPF